Thumbs down to the members of the I-hate-Andy-Reid club who think the Eagles coach should've been given a pink slip rather than a 3-year contract extension this week.

A pox on the house of the next person who spouts that tired he-can't-win-the-big-one line.

Why is it that a college basketball coach who takes his team to the Final Four multiple times is considered a freaking genius, but an NFL coach who has taken his team to the Final Four five times in the last 8 years is an incompetent boob who should be replaced?

Yeah, he has his shortcomings, but so does every other coach in the league. The grass isn't always greener elsewhere.

Mike Shanahan has two Super Bowl rings. But he got those more than a decade ago. Look at his more recent track record. Missed the playoffs 6 of 10 years and was 1-4 in the postseason since those Super Bowl titles.

Same with Jon Gruden. In his last 6 years in Tampa, the Bucs made the playoffs just twice and were one-and-done both times.

Yet there are people who would take either one of them in a second over Reid.


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