Michael Vick was asked today who he would vote for, if he had an MVP ballot. The two top contenders would seem to be Vick and Pats quarterback Tom Brady.

Vick didn't want to answer, but ultimately, he said: "If you put me on the spot, I would pick myself."

The Eagles' quarterback also said he would love to go to Atlanta to face the Falcons in an NFC title game, should that be he ultimate matchup. "It would be a storybook ending to close that chapter, finally," Vick said.

"I think it would also be a great game - fun, competitive on both sides. I just think it would bring the best out of both sides, both teams. That would be awesome."


Eagles coach Andy Reid indicated Chad Hall probably will return kicks Sunday night against the Vikings. The Eagles signed returner Gerard Lawson, but yesterday was his only practice with the team. Lawson was signed after returner Jorrick Calvin went on IR with a disc problem in his lower back that Reid said might require surgery.

Lawson, 25, played 20 games for Cleveland in 2008 and 2009, but was playing for the Hartford Colonials of the United Football League this season. An offseason DUi might have affected his situation with the Browns.

"To be picked up right before Christmas is a blessing in itself," Lawson said. "Just to be here is almost indescribable."

The DUI, he said, was "just bad judgment. I made a bad decision that day. Since then I haven't drank or anything. I learned my lesson from it."

Lawson will wear No. 47.


Wideout Jason Avant, who grew up in a gang environment in Chicago, was voted the Eagles' Ed Block Courage award. Last year the honor went to Michael Vick, a controversial choice.

" Whenever you have a team voting for you, it's definitely special," Avant said. "I'm thankful that I am able to help in the locker room and also for my teammates to think enough of me to get an award like that. I'm very appreciative and I'm just grateful in a time like this."

Avant is heavily involved in mentoring programs and is a spokesman for Big Brothers, Big Sisters; and also is a respected voice in the locker room for the younger players.

"I didn't do it to win an award or anything like that," he said. "I didn't say anything about my story to get glory. I thank my teammates because they voted for the award. I'm happy about it, just to let people know what God has done for me and just to let kids know that it's not about what you face, it's about what you overcome. I think that everyone in our society, everyone that is alive, can have one thing in common. You go through life and you're going to have ups and downs. How you finish is the key and continuing on that path to finish and be a productive citizen in our society. I'm just thankful."

Avant, along with the winners from the 31 other teams, will be honored on March 8 in Baltimore.

Andy Reid said DeSean Jackson, Asante Samuel and Winston Justice all are probable for Sunday, as expected. DT Mike Patteson is questionable but is expected to play.

Reid said he isn't sure if Gerard Lawson will dress against the Vikings.


For Minnesota, quarterback Brett Favre is listed as doubtful. The Vikings listed him as out last week and then made the unique move of changing his status on game day. He ended up starting before suffering a concussion. Time, however, is getting short for Favre to pass the necessary testing to be able to play.

Running back Adrian Peterson is listed as questionable with a thigh bruise. Safety Tyrell Johnson (knee) is out and starting safety Madieu Williams (concussion) is questionable.


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