Michael Vick conceded the spate of hits he has taken are "starting to take a toll on me."

During his weekly radio show on ESPN Radio WVSP (94.1-FM) in Virginia Beach, Vick again echoed comments made by coach Andy Reid about the late hits that are going unpenalized.

"Not to take anything anway from the other quarterbacks in the league, if you go back and watch the film, I'm always getting hit after I let go of the football," Vick told host Tony Mercurio. "I'm constantly getting hit after I throw the football. Constantly getting my facemask pulled and getting hit in the head and it's never called ... I just think that because I run the ball so much, the referees sometimes will overlook that. They have to understand when I'm in the pocket, I'm a passer. If I get hit late, they should call it. I'm not complaining. I just want to be treated fairly."

Vick said only one call has been made this season for a late hit on him -- and that was for illegal hands to the face on Detroit.

If it's not called, "it's going to keep happening," Vick said. "If you look over the past five games, it hasn't stopped. I'm constantly getting hit."

"Every chance they get I'm getting hit," he added. "That's the game. At the same time, it takes a toll on me. I just don't think it's fair. I just hope the referees watch that closely and call it when it needs to be called."

Vick said he and Reid have not discussed the treatment Vick is receiving. Reid said he has spoken to the league, but declined to say what response he received.

"We haven't really talked about it," Vick said. "He watches a lot more film than I do. He knows what's right and what's wrong and I do as well. We just want to be treated fairly.

"When I'm outside the pocker and I'm running, that's one thing. When I'm down the field and running, that's another. But when I'm in the pocket all rules apply to me like any other quarterback."


Defensive back Quintin Demps, who played in 28 games over the last two seasons with the Eagles, signed with the Houston Texans. Demps was a fourth-round pick in 2008 and was waived before the start of this season. The Texans also placed defensive end Jesse Nading on injured reserve with a knee injury.


And one note, be sure to check out Winston Justice's column in Wednesday's Daily News as he talked about being injured and getting treatment during the team's five-day break.

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