A wine especially for gays?

At first, it sounded like a joke. But then I clicked on the email touting Égalité as "the first wine created in support of equality for gay Americans."

Then I got it.

As more and more states legalize gay marriage, there're going to be a whole lot more folks' toasting happy couples. Biagio Cru & Estate Wines, which is based in New York State, wants to capitalize on the burgeoning same sex marriage movement with a bubbly targeted to the LGBT market.

"We saw this as an opportunity to do well by doing good," Darren Restivo, one of the principals, told Huffington Post's Gay Voices. "We're very confident people will respect it, and that's the important factor - the spirit and the respect. How can you push back on treating people equally?"

Sounds good to me. Now, can we all raise a glass?