Prostitution under a different name? Of course that's what it is.  But who is to say if this woman's story, which is called "My Sugar Daddy," is even real?  The story of a Philadelphia college student's working girl-style arrangement with a wealthy benefactor posted on the doesn't add up, if you ask me.

For instance, if "Melissa Beech" as she calls herself is really living the high life as she claims, why does she bother writing about it? Shouldn't she be in class since she claims to be a college student or off supplementing her "killer wardrobe?" And why bother even mentioning the website,, where she supposedly met up her Big Papa as Kim on "Housewives of Atlanta" refers to her rich boyfriend? Why share the wealth with other women who might start lining up to steal her next conquest? Or, worse, why risk discovery? Trading sex for money is still illegal.  Here's an excerpt from what Beech supposedly wrote:

We started out on a trial basis, but in the first month I was already swept off my feet. He was very busy with work so we only saw each other in person a few times, but he put effort into the relationship nonetheless. We went to Atlantic City for a weekend and stayed at the Borgata, the poshest hotel in town. We spent the day on the beach, and even took a nighttime tour of the city by helicopter. When we finally had sex, it was at the right time—I waited three months before I felt ready to make a physical commitment to him. This was no different from any of my other relationships. We've now been seeing each other for a year.
As for the allowance, he doesn't just cut me a check. He simply ensures that I need never worry about expenses. I rent a $1,600 apartment in the city, for which he pays the rent in full. I carry an AmEx Black card in both our names, and use it for things like shopping, spa trips, manicures, and tanning; the bill goes to him. And the company car I drive costs him around $700 a month for the lease and the insurance. I've even managed to build up a little nest egg over the past year—at his insistence—putting away around $12,000. All in all, he probably spends in the ballpark of $5,000 a month on my lifestyle.
He didn't hire me for the internship position, but because of him I have had several internships at well-known PR companies, and have plenty of networking opportunities, shoring up my future prospects for when I graduate this spring. Besides career advancements, he's given me a chance to live the type of life I never would have experienced on my own. We went to London and Paris last spring, where we saw the sights and shopped at stores like Chanel and Dior. How many other college students are wearing Christian Louboutins to class?

So, there's another clue as to who this woman supposedly. She wears Christian Louboutins and has a wealthy "boyfriend" in the communications field and has an internship at a local public relations firm. If you're a real person Melissa, let's hear from you!

What do you think? Do you believe her sugar daddy story? And what do you make of so-called sugar daddy arrangements?