Cherry Hill native Bobby Ryan chipped his two front teeth today when he took a stick to the mouth while tussling against the boards with Team Norway captain Tommy Jakobsen with three minutes left in the third period in a 5-1 game.

             As Ryan licked the jagged tips of the teeth afterward, he allowed, “Yeah, things got a little chippy. I’m sure they were getting frustrated. You can’t blame them.”

             After the U.S. took a 3-0 lead early in the second period, Norway, outmatched beyond the score’s indication and embarrassed after dropping an 8-0 decision to Canada, began a grab-and-bang strategy that helped turn the game’s momentum. They took two penalties in the last 12 minutes of the second period.

 By the time the U.S. regrouped and ran away with things, it started getting rough, culminating with Jakobsen’s shot to Ryan’s mouth.

 Jakobsen immediately dropped his stick and bent to console Ryan, who lay on the ice for a moment before skating off. Jakobsen went to the penalty box for 2 minutes for high-sticking, a penalty that led to a power-play goal and the 6-1 final. Ryan remained on his team’s bench. After the game, he declined further medical attention and told team medical personnel that he was not even sensitive to cold.

 He was, however, a little sensitive to getting dropped and disfigured.

 “Perfect,” he said, shortly.