There are show houses and there are show houses. This year's Show House at the Shore, to benefit RNS Cancer & Heart Fund, is a classic: the Ventnor house formerly belonging to the legendary impressario and 500 Club owner and Sinatra pal Paul "Skinny" D'Amato at 12 South Suffolk. This house has changed hands several times since Skinny lived there and, although this is not included in the press release from RNS, has the distinction of having been the scene of a murder in the basement, for which his son, Angelo, pleaded guilty. But we digress. It also is a very cool house, and let's hope the designers know enough not to remove all of the Rat Pack cool, like the frosted silver mirrors in the dining room and other singular touches. In any case, the house is worth a visit if only to see the historic and legendary backyard patio, possibly the coolest patio on the planet, with stones imprinted with the signatures and handprints of the likes of Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr. and other legends who made Skinny's 500 club the happening joint that it was, and Suffolk Avenue a block from the ocean the coolest street in Ventnor. (Incongruously, I have attended book group meetings in that same swinging living room, one owner back from the houses' present owners).  Skinny took over the 500 Club in the 40s, and while there remain those who believe Skinny was a front for the mob, or at the very least, a very congenial host, there is no doubt Skinny left his mark all over Atlantic City. For more on Skinny, look no further than this excellent book: