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New Jersey
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No beer for you in Ocean City

Ocean City voters trounce the measure that would have allowed people to bring a bottle of wine or a six pack to dinner at a restaurant.

Did I mention Ocean City is a great coffee town? I drive over the bridge all the time to get a drink in Ocean City, home of some of the finest lattes at the Jersey Shore. Alas, these same cafes that also serve dinner in the summer will not be able to draw the wine with grass-fed beef crowd now or any time soon. The BYOB measure that finally made the ballot was trounced by a 2 -1 margin Tuesday night by people in town who just want the town to stay the way it is: Dry, with a splash of your own alcohol from Circle Liquors in Somers Point. I guess I understand people don't want to mess with a good formula, and Ocean City has achieved an unassailable brand of family-friendly, founded on Methodist values. Pre-teens gather in hordes in the summer on the Boardwalk and I guess people didn't want any adults walking out of nearby restaurants with a glass or two of wine in them. I don't know, I wouldn't want Ocean City to be a place where liquor stores popped up, but BYOB seemed rather civilized.