...what exactly? This was the question that was bandied about the newsroom this week, after an editor got word of her appearing at the Borgata's mur.mur club, and wondered if we should be reviewing it. Was this a performance? Would Paris be singing? Seemed obvious to me, that Paris would be doing what Paris does: being Paris. No heavy lifting required, which is not to say that pulling off that precise mix of glamour, beauty, irony and ennui that is the Paris Hilton aura is something that is simple to accomplish.  So if you want to go to a night club and hang with Paris Hilton, Saturday at 10 p.m. at mur.mur is your chance. Or maybe check out the poker room, where Paris has been known to show up unannounced. My kids, unlike my editors, had no problem with the concept of Paris at the Borgata with music by DJ Jesse Marco: "She'll be clubbing," they informed me when we passed the billboard on the Atlantic City Expressway (a much more palatible sign than the one across from it that says: "Ever get Leprosy?" Um, ever not want to think about ever getting Leprosy on your way to the shore?). In any case, a few calls to the Borgata confirmed that Paris' appearance on Saturday was simply that: a Red Carpet entrance and hanging around mur.mur, while Marco handles the music. No performance in the usual sense. Noel Stevenson, public relations manager at Borgata, described Paris's duties Saturday night as "hosting" and said hosting a nightlife event in Atlantic City was something Hilton had never done before, at least not officially. The following Saturday, celebrity DJ and ex-Lindsay Lohan girlfriend Samantha Ronson is at mur.mur along with The Hills star Kristin Cavallari, who presumably will be doing much the same sort of vague celebrity thing as Paris. No word if any of Paris's new BFF candidates (including Jersey girls Elena Miglino and Arielle deRouen) will be accompanying her on Saturday, but one person who probably won't be there is Brittany Flickinger, last season's BFF winner, who Paris cut loose because, my afore-mentioned Paris Hilton expert children informed me, she was only in it for herself. Bombshell.

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