Look, there's no other way to say it. No point in being coy. Also, no guarantees it will last. And, sure, it would be nice if there were a little bit more sunshine, or any sunshine, to go along with it, but listen. The ocean temperature is warm, pushing 70 in Atlantic City, breaking 70 in Cape May, very unusual for June at the Jersey shore, where some years, like last year, the water stays frigid until about mid-August. Or maybe you have already repressed the memories of last summer's shore vacation in which your ocean romping consisted of about a 30 second plunge into a 55-degree ocean, if that. When the ocean finally warmed up last summer, it was like a halleluyah moment. This summer, it's kind of like a, whoa, this isn't too bad moment. Usually, the locals feel lucky to still be here in September and October, when the ocean is always balmy and the crowds have gone. But this year, we had the crazy hot beach day weather in late April, and now, the early warm up of the ocean. The surfers -- that's Ocean City High School's Chris Kelly in the photo, one of the state's best surfers, who is turning pro after graduation -- won't be needing their full wet suits at this point. Though, this being Jersey, things could change at the shift of a wind. And then, depending on whether our editors are down the shore at the time, we will need to do stories and explanatory blog posts about the upwelling effect and its relation to suddenly dropping ocean temperature, usually a late August staple. But for now, nice. Now, we just need to work on those air temps a bit.

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