And so the sun sets on another Atlantic City dream that was not meant to be: the transformation of the always-sorta-fun but gettin-kinda-old Trump Marina into a technicolor Jimmy Buffetized Margaritaville Casino. The bankrupt Trump Entertainment pulled out of negotiations with Coastal Marina LLC just short of a deal that apparently, most people on Wall Street thought would never happen, what with the economy. It can't be considered a shock these days, with most Atlantic City projects dreamed up in headier days now skidded to a stop. Casinos have managed to pull together a decent enough summer of entertainment, after a very slow booking start that was, and still is, way off last year's rate, but overall, the town's fortunes feel like they are being supported by, well, shifting sands. I guess we'll just have to keep nibblin on sponge cake, watchin the sun bake, all of those tourists covered with oil, and hope things pick up around here.