If you're still trying to get your head around the Greenworks sustainability plan for Philadelphia, here's a podcast that looks at the pros and cons of different elements of it, explaining them pretty lucidly and in a lively, engaging format. Though it was created by Philly youth for Philly youth, I promise you'll be able to make sense of it at whatever age.

Kudos to the kids who did it! The podcast was created through a project at Temple University, Building Information Technology Skills (BITS), for urban youth. Here's a page from the Information Technology and Society Research Group , where the kids in question interned over the summer, that explains some of the process.

As of early August, it says "BITS Program participants are busy working on social media projects that depict the projects they have been working on this summer. Students are creating blogs, powerpoint presentations, podcasts, and slide shows related to many different environmental themes." This is one of those podcasts, and from a look at their various social media outlets (including @universitygreen) it looks like they've got a lot going on.

Earth to Philly was alerted to the project Ashley James, aka "@GreenGertrude," who oversaw the program. If you have eco-projects from your community that deserve attention, let E2P know via email, or on Twitter. Let's stay connected to the Earth as well as to each other!