For the first time, a same-couple has walked under the arch of swords, the historical closing ritual for military weddings. With that, Major Daniel Toven and his partner Johnathan Taylor became the first same sex couple to have a wedding ceremony performed at one of the largest military bases in the US.

Married in Washington, DC back in August, Toven and Taylor's ceremony served as a symbolic blessing, but a historic one nonetheless. Among the guests at the ceremony were a one-start general at Fort Bragg and an top-ranking enlisted solider—though with more than 100 guests, the military brass present was likely palpable.

Which, of course, means that Fort Bragg—home to the Green Berets and the legendary 82nd Airborne—is now open for same-sex ceremonies.

Toven works as a bandleader at Fort Bragg, while Taylor serves as a nurse at Cape Fear Valley Medical Center. The couple says that the base's superiors were welcoming to their ceremony long before they were ever married.

Check out the historic ceremony below:

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