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Marshmallow Peeps as a pizza topping? Debate over ‘Peepza’ rages online

Well, at least it’s not pineapple.

Well, at least it's not pineapple.

As one man showed on social media over the weekend, pizza toppings can get a lot weirder (and more seasonally appropriate) than fruit. How weird? How about some marshmallow Peeps on your pizza?

Twitter user Austin Braun tweeted the creation this week, dubbed the "Peepza," writing that "this > pineapple pizza." It is exactly what it sounds like: A regular pizza topped with Bethlehem-based candy maker Just Born Inc.'s seasonal Easter Peeps. They're not just for Easter baskets anymore.

Following his posting, Braun's Peepza sparked a debate on whether or not Peeps are an appropriate (or even tasty) pizza topping. To some, the idea was horrifying:

Others, however, were OK with the Peepza, and some even noted that pineapple is somehow still worse:

Braun later thanked social-media users for "letting me start a flame war," and asked (politely, given the circumstance) that they stop sending him death threats over Peepza. Because, after all, we take our pizza toppings seriously:

Founded in the early 20th century in New York by Russian immigrant Sam Born, Just Born Inc. moved to Bethlehem in 1932, according to the company's website. Mass production of the company's marshmallow Peeps began in 1954, USA Today reports.

Interestingly, Braun is not the first to think up Peeps on a pizza. The idea was previously attempted at food blog Serious Eats in 2010, when the site's founding editor, Adam Kuban, had NY Pizza Suprema create him around Easter that year. In his writeup, Kuban wrote that the Peepza has "that whole salty-sweet dynamic" folks love "in spades."

Peeps assistant brand manager Caitlin Servian, meanwhile, applauds Braun for his creativity.

This is a perfect example of what we call expressing 'peepsonality,' or how our fans enjoy Peeps," Servian said of the Peepza. But don't expect a pizza-flavored Peep any time soon.

"While a pizza-flavored Peeps Chick is not in development right now, we always appreciate and consider flavor suggestions from our fans," she added.