Don't panic just yet: Khloé and Lamar may not be dead after all.

A Khloé says reports that the show was going to reality show heaven were greatly exaggerated. Well, actually he says they are totally false.

"It has NOT been cancelled," the rep tells People. "It's just on hold now while schedules are figured out. It will depend on their schedules, as Lamar's basketball schedule is a priority."

Though we wonder: Given the fact that Lamar isn't actually playing basketball, then how can the couple be focusing on his basketball schedule?


In an extraordinary development that is sure to drive thousands of fans into a fierce, frenzied –  perhaps even violent – fit of despair, Khloé Kardashian, 27, and her husband, Lamar Kardashian (né Odom), 32, have decided to kill their Kardashian-brand spinoff irreallity show, Khloé and Lamar" after its second season.

At least that's according to one or a number of anonymous sources who have been sharing the tragic news with TMZ and Us Weekly.

The couple reportedly decided to pull the plug so Lamar could focus on reviving what vestige of a pro basketball career he has left. (How will they do it?)

Lamar, who moved to Dallas after the Los Angeles Lakers traded him to the Mavericks in December, has been placed on the inactive list and will no longer play for the team.

Sources at the time of the trade said Khloé was depressed that she would have to leave the Hollywood lights for Texas. In public, she put on a brave face, saying she was "thrilled" to go.

Earlier this month the Mavericks booted poor Lamar, in what both parties insisted was a mutual decision. Khloé was sad again. (The thought of Khloé in distress tears at our heart.)

"They both agreed," Khloé tweeted of the Mav's dumping her man. "They both knew what was best… Now we have to figure out the rest' love this song."

She added, "blessed to have had such an amazing experience. Short but very sweet."

Sources say Khloe and Lamar will continue to make occasional appearances on the Kardashian monster-show, Keeping Up with The Kardashians. Not the same as having your own show!

While we should all be concerned about this blow to poor Khloé's career, rest assured she will not starve: The Kardashian clan recently signed a whopper of a $40 million contract to renew their obscenely popular E! Entertainment show for three more seasons.

Pundits say losing Khloé and Lamar will cause irreparable harm to the cultural landscape. Its effects are likely to be felt for generations to come.

Yet as sad and shocking the situation may be, we do hope the citizenry will keep calm in these troubled, chaotic times.