LOS ANGELES (Variety.com) - HONG KONG -- Jackie Chan's son Jaycee Chan has been formally charged with drug offenses in China, including sheltering other drug users. He faces a possible three years in jail.

He was arrested in Beijing in August in the company of Taiwanese actor Kai Ko Chen-tung. Police later found over 100 grams of marijuana at Chan's apartment.

The charges were announced on Monday by the Supreme People's Procurator. But it did not disclose a date for a court hearing.

Chinese courts have conviction rates of over 95%, which means a prison sentence and a criminal record are near certainties. Chan (aka Chan Jo-ming, aka Fong Cho-ming), who has struggled to build a career as an actor and musician, has already been held in police custody for more than four months.

Under President Xi Jinping China has been attempting to clean up society through crackdowns on corruption, pornography, use of prostitutes and drug use. A number of celebrities including film director Zhang Yuan and Hong Kong actor Roy Cheung Yiu-yeung have been arrested.

Jackie Chan has made no recent comment on the charges.

In August Jackie Chan said he was sad and shocked. "The recent news about my son, Jaycee, is very shocking and the impact it has caused on society is heart-breaking.... As a public figure, I feel very ashamed; as his dad, I'm very sad and disappointed... I should also take some of this responsibility because as his dad, I didn't teach him well," Chan wrote on Aug 20, on his website.