It's not all new babies, confederate flags, and Warhol paintings in Yeezus Land—there's shoes, too. West has officially inked a deal with Adidas for a shoe line, prompting a self-promotion to the "Tupac of product." Some things just never change.

There have been rumblings about where West would go to bear his sole since he severed ties with Nike early this year, which also subsequently ended his Air Yeezy brand. The man himself fed the rumor mill, all but announcing his current deal in a recent interview on Hot 97's Angel Martinez show:

"I took the Adidas deal because I have royalties and I have to provide for my family." 

As they say, mo' money, mo' problems—so the reported $10 million West is receiving for his part ought to do something. Adidas has since confirmed the deal, having released a statement praising West as a "cultural icon" that will help the shoe-hawkers in "creating a new chapter" for their business.

West's move over to Adidas reportedly will afford him more creative freedom and easier access to royalties, two lacking aspects that eventually scuttled his Nike deal. So, in short, we'll still be seeing Yeezy next year—unless, of course, he decides to go full Tupac.

Never go full Tupac.