Comedian Katt Williams has apologized to Kevin Hart for a recent string of slams, saying that he "should have never mentioned" the Philadelphia native's name.

The trouble started late last week following an Atlanta stop on Williams' ongoing Conspiracy Theory tour that had the comedian calling Hart a "puppet." Following that incident, Williams issued a $5 million comedy challenge to Hart via social media.

"I don't care nothing that happens to Kevin," Williams said last week. "I just wish him the best. I just know that there's somebody's hand stuck up that baby, you understand? Oh, we're a puppet show, boo-boo. Please believe it. You're looking at the only n—— that ain't."

Now, following Williams' "unexpected" appearance on Atlanta's WVEE 103 Thursday afternoon, it would appear that the comedian has seen the error of his ways.

"I should have never mentioned Kevin Hart's name," Williams told host Big Tigger. "I also want to humbly apologize to Kevin Hart. The face that he's a black male like me, and the fact that I attacked him at such a time when our country is already divided in every way it could be divided — racially, politically, economically, socially, religiously."

As far as his reasoning for the slam, Williams intended to "cut the head off the snake" but instead only "cut the snake."

Williams went on to apologize "not only to Kevin Hart, but to Hartbeat Productions, the Plastic Cup Boys, and anyone associated with Kevin Hart." Sadly, however, Williams also mentioned his next special "will no longer be in Philly," presumably meaning that his show on Saturday was intended to be a recorded performance.

With his beef with Hart now seemingly settled, Williams has moved onto the next target: Chris Rock, who will apparently be a focus in that upcoming special.

"It'll be in New York at the Barclays, where I cut off the head of Chris Rock, step and fetch it cool number one," Williams said Thursday, shying away from explaining his reasoning. "I'll acknowledge that when I get to it. I've already made enough missteps."