Sightings, signings and tweets from the first day of the DNC:

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* From Inquirer pop music writer Dan DeLucaAlicia Keys sat with CNN's Van Jones and others on a criminal justice panel at the POLITICO Hub at Commerce Square on Market Street in the cozy second floor pop up headquarters of the Washington politics web site. Before performing one song for the 150 or so assembled party professionals, she made a few remarks about the urgency of this election. "This is a tipping point," the singer said. "We have to be motivated, we have to be energized. We can't let apathy get the best of us." She then moved to the piano and  sang "Hallelujah," "the gospel fired second single ("I've been praying, I've been paying for my sins") from her upcoming as yet untitled new album.

* Busy J.J. Abrams somehow found time between the "Star Trek" franchise, the "Mission: Impossible" franchise, the "Star Wars" franchise and his new HBO series Westworld, to produce the introductory video for Michelle Obama, detailing the impact the First Lady made on children.

* Not as busy Randy Quaid produced his own video:

* Anybody flying into Philadelphia International Airport during the DNC will be greeted by the classic soul songs of Kenny Gamble and LeonHuff and the "Sound of Philadelphia." No reason to fly? The music can also be heard on the Avenue of the Arts.

* Actress Rosario Dawson, a hardcore Bernie Sanders supporter, spoke Monday at a Sanders rally and said, "[Hillary Clinton is] not a leader. She is a follower. She follows public opinion on things." 

Since politicians work for the public, isn't public opinion a good thing to follow?
The Dawson platform includes, rejection of the TPP, universal healthcare, a $15 minimum wage, and more, and claimed that if these issues don't gain traction, "civil disobedience will follow."
* Iowa "Bachelor" Chris Soules was spotted at the Wells Fargo Center. A lot of single women there.

* As expected, there was a Susan Sarandon sighting on the convention floor.

* Geraldo Rivera went for cover in the Fox News tent when the skies opened up last night:

* As a streets-clearing storm passed through Philadelphia last night, "Doonesbury" creator Garry Trudeau spoke at Barnes & Noble on Rittenhouse Square about his new book, Yuge!: 30 Years of Doonesbury on Trump. Read our Q&A with Trudeau here.