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Paul Walker gifted a soldier and his fiancé a $9,000 engagement ring

Paul Walker was not your average celebrity.

Paul Walker was not your average celebrity. Although he was best known for his acting roles in sexy blockbusters like She's All That, Into the Blue, and the Fast & Furious franchise, the man's heart was laced with pure gold.

Upon news of his death, stories have been pouring in from Paul's friends, family, fans and brief acquaintances that shine a light on his kind-hearted spirit. One story will make your heart melt onto the floor.

A decade ago, a soldier and his fiancé were shopping for an engagement ring in a Santa Barbara jewelry store when Paul Walker just happened to waltz in. Kristen and Kyle Upham were eyeing up a $10,000 engagement set that was way over their budget. Walker took notice. "He called the manager and he said, 'Umm, the ring that those people are looking at – put it on my tab,'" said former store clerk Irene King.

The couple was in shock when they received the gift (which ended up being $9,000) and when they asked the store whom it was from; they would not reveal the person's name. Kyle had struck up a short conversation with Walker in the store, so they had always suspected he was the one behind the incredible gift. They have kept the receipt after all of these years.

Okay, Paul Walker. You've stolen our heart and made it into mush.