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Sean Hannity Wawa confrontation spurred by a Fox News joke

More details have emerged regarding one of the fiercest battles of the DNC in Philadelphia: Sean Hannity vs. Wawa guy.

Tuesday, the Twitterverse got fired up over a reported confrontation between Fox News host Sean Hannity (and his bodyguards) and some Wawa customers who were rumored to have booed him out of the store.

Hannity, in a tweet of his own, downplayed the incident.

It was around 1 a.m. when Bernie Sanders delegate Jonathan Paul Fox, of East Lampeter Township, told Lancaster Online he stopped at the Broad and Walnut streets Wawa after a late dinner at McGillin's Olde Ale House.

Seeing Hannity, he walked over to him, put his hand "gently" on Hannity's shoulder, and said: "My name's Fox. I'd like my good name back from your channel."

Fox said he was trying to be funny, but the apparently humorless Hannity turned to him, Lancaster Online wrote,  and told him to "get his hands off" him or he would "pulverize" him.

As Hannity and his bodyguards were leaving, Fox said he yelled out to him, "See ya, Lumpy."

"Lumpy" was how Jon Stewart had tagged Hannity when he recently came out of retirement from political satire.

After that, Hannity really wasn't amused. Fox told Lancaster Online that Hannity ushered him outside and put up his fists.

A Philadelphia police officer walked by and Hannity tried to tell the officer that Fox was harassing him. The officer just kept walking, Fox said.

No punches were thrown. The parties went their separate ways.

"I didn't mean to cause a confrontation," Fox said. "I didn't cause a confrontation."

Two people with Fox confirmed his account. Fox News, on the other hand, wouldn't comment.