'Transformers' star Shia LeBeouf got into another dustup in a London bar over the weekend, subsequently revealing his apparent connections to the seedy criminal underworld. That's right, Louis Stevens can have people whacked.

What started as a simple argument between LeBeouf and another patron at the bar quickly escalated into a threat of murder, with the star allegedly telling his opponent "I can get you killed." And all that over an autograph.

Sources told The Sun that the argument started after a female customer approached LeBeouf for an autograph, her boyfriend coming to her aid when the object of her attention stopped taking kindly to having his meal interrupted. LeBeouf then allegedly went after the man in question, eventually leading to the star being escorted from the premises.

This serves as LBeouf's second London altercation in as many months. In October, he ended up with a battered face and groin after filming a woman vomiting on a London street. Evidently in that situation, a passerby didn't think it was gentlemanly to video a woman in such a state.

Awkward situations, to be sure. But given the company that LeBeouf keeps, an apology doesn't seem very likely.

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