If you saw a 17-by-18-foot velociraptor roaming Philly on Wednesday, you were not hallucinating. And if you were Chio in the Morning, the morning-show host at Mix 106.1, that raptor crashed your wedding.

The dinosaur is on a two-day tour of the city and will be a part of Jurassic World: The Exhibition that opens at the Franklin Institute on Nov. 25.

The raptor stopped by  LOVE Park, Logan Square, and Dilworth Plaza where he (??) bumped into two couples who were just married. Instead of running, the two couples snapped selfies with their new wedding guest.

*Despite the tweet, this is a raptor, not a T. rex.

The couples - Chad Eli Farrales, who works for the U.S. Navy in Levittown, renewed his vows with Jennifer Farrales; and Springfield's Jackie McBride wed Rich Stillings - were part of a promotion with Mix 106.1's Chio in the Morning, who was remarrying ex-wife Shawn in a ceremony officiated by Fox 29's Mike Jerrick.

Chio, of Chio in the Morning, remarried his ex-wife Shawn in a ceremony officiated by Mike Jerrick.

Chio said that they ran into the raptor while taking pictures at the LOVE statue. "They looked pretty real," he said, "which is pretty amazing."