"The Office" star Rainn Wilson, who plays onetime assistant (to the) regional manager Dwight Schrute, threw a Twitter hissyfit on Friday night after he and six members of "The Office" were stranded at Philadelphia International Airport. Wilson was headed to " 'The Office' Wrap Party," a massive gathering of "Office" fans in Scranton, where the show takes place, to mark the end of the NBC sitcom's final season. Co-stars Jenna Fischer and John Krasinski were there, as well as surprise visitor Steve Carell.

Wilson's connecting U.S. Airways flight from Philly to Scranton left 10 minutes early, eliciting a tirade from the actor. "We're being forced to rent cars and drive to Scranton from Philly. Does the CEO of @USAirways want to join us? I will fondle him angrily," Wilson tweeted.

He added, among other tweets: "I'm going to take a dump on a @USAirways plane's windshield. In the shape of the @Delta logo."

It's only two-hour ride, Rainn. Suck it up.

The final episode of "The Office" airs May 16.

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