It's Zero Dark Thirty, and it's Lincoln -- so says the New York Film Critics Circle. The first of the big critics groups, and one of the most influential – its awards are often viewed as harbingers of the Oscar nominations -- the members of the New York Film Critics Circle assembled in some New York-y place today, Monday, and hashed out their picks for the best of 2012.

Herewith, the key citations:

Best film: Zero Dark Thirty

Best director: Kathryn Bigelow, Zero Dark Thirty

Best screenplay, Tony Kushner, for Lincoln

Best actor, Daniel Day-Lewis, for Lincoln

Best actress, Rachel Weisz, for The Deep Blue Sea

Best supporting actor, Matthew McConaughey, for Bernie, and for Magic Mike

Best supporting actress, Sally Field, for Lincoln

Best animated film, Frankenweenie

Best documentary, The Central Park Five

Best foreign language feature, Amour (Michael Haneke, France)