It may have been taken off the air nearly 50 years ago, but Gilligan's Island hasn't yet  left our collective hearts. Or, at least that's what Warner Bros. is hoping for with its upcoming movie reboot of the original three-hour tour.

Josh Gad of Jobs and Thanks for Sharing fame is heading up the scriptwriting duties in addition to playing a lead role in the final version of the film. But the adaptation's real strength lies in its producer team, consisting of Lloyd and Ross Schwartz, sons of Gilligan's Island and The Brady Bunch creator Sherwood Schwartz. Happy Days star Cathy Silvers will also join, cementing a virtual crack team of individuals with personal connections to the golden era of television.

Which is to say, the Gilligan's Island remake stands a good chance at avoiding the pitfalls that hampered adaptations of shows like Dark Shadows, Bewitched, and Get Smart. Just so long as the production team doesn't go the "gritty" route with their reboot.

That direction, of course, would violate the tradition of the show that waltzed into America's homes in 1964. But given that the show dealt heavily with class stereotypes—and Gad's humor—a story continuing that type of lineage seems more likely. And with Schwartz work already adapted successfully with the 90s-era Brady Bunch movie, we might have little to worry about.

The Good Will Hunting show, though, might be a concern.