Even though artists like Thom Yorke continue to resist and rebel against music streaming services, the trend continues to catch on.

As of Wednesday, Led Zeppelin's full catalog will be available for streaming on Spotify. This is the first time the band's music has been available for online streaming. The first two albums, Led Zeppelin I and II, will be posted today with the rest of the discs going live on various days this week:

  • Wednesday, Dec. 11 – Led Zeppelin (1969) and Led Zeppelin II (1969)

  • Thursday, Dec. 12 – Led Zeppelin III (1970) and Untitled fourth album (1971)

  • Friday, Dec. 13 – Houses Of The Holy (1973) and Physical Graffiti (1975)

  • Saturday, Dec. 14 – Presence (1976) and In Through The Out Door (1979)

  • Sunday, Dec. 15 – The Song Remains The Same (1976), Coda (1982), BBC Sessions (1997), How The West Was Won (2003), Mothership (2007), and Celebration Day (2012)

An early Christmas present for music lovers, eh?