In the midst of personnel changes at CBS, the network has continued restructuring on their Philadelphia radio stations. Top-rated classic hits station 98.1 WOGL has let go of Bob Charger, weekday nighttime jock.

The move comes as a result of inter-network cuts, said Charger, who hasn't been with the station since July 13. He also noted that WOGL would no longer employ full-time on-air talent from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. A rep from CBS denied this claim.

"I was not fired. It was a layoff," he said.

"I was called into a meeting and they said we have this new guy coming in from CBS and he's cutting drastically," Charger continued.

This, again, sparks rumors of CBS' cost-cutting efforts in anticipation of a sale, a source close to the industry says.

Last week, CBS Radio — whose Philadelphia market stations include KYW, WOGL, WIP, WPHT, WRDW (96.5 Amp Radio) and WXTU — announced KYW vice president and general sales manager David Yadgaroff will replace Marc Rayfield as senior vice president and Philadelphia market manager, who will manage the company's six stations.

A South Philadelphia native, Charger spent much of his 48-year career in the area at WIBG, WIP, WFIL and WOGL, where he's been for nearly two decades. He'll now work with Chester Co. film production company Character Driven Productions on a sequel to 2008 documentary Wages of Spin, which highlighted the Philadelphia music scene in the 1950s.

Earlier in July, the Daily News reported that KYW anchor Vince Hill had also been let go.