Since we all should know who Questlove is by now, the Philly music legend needs no introduction. At the very least, I figured I'd give a little background on the interviewer, Nardwuar–The Human Serviette. Yes, that's his name and yes, he's strange; but in the best way possible.

Nardwuar–also known as John Ruskin–is known for his fast-paced, well-informed, quick thinking interview style. Nardwuar has interviewed everyone from Nirvana to Lil Wayne to Lady Gaga and many, many more. He treats every interview exactly the same by doing the most impeccable research on his subjetcs prior to their meeting. He digs so deep into an artist's past that it always has them asking, "Wait. What? How did you know that?" It literally happens almost every time. The best example can be seen in his interview with Pharrell Williams and N.E.R.D.

He's also known for bringing the artists deep cut gifts; mostly vinyl records and posters of their influences, which each artist ends up gushing about for lengthy minutes. The best part about his interview style is that it allows the artist to be themselves and not have to go through the torture of answering mundane talkshow questions like "Where did you get your band name?" or "Who influences you?" Nardwuar bypasses all of that because he already knows all of it and that's why he one of the most respected music interviewers out there.

I hope that gives you some insight into the interviewer, now back to Questlove.

He's a huge music nerd and knows a ton about almost every genre. Questlove + Nardwuar = great interview. It's not the first time they've gotten together, but it is the most recent. Nardwuar interviews usually last about 10-15 minutes but these two nerded out for almost an hour.

PS. Do yourself a favor and watch more of the his interviews. They're pretty amazing.