In awesome news, ridiculous rapper and MTV reality star, Riff Raff, decided to mirror his arch nemesis, actor James Franco, in the latest episode of the soap opera One Life To Live.

So here is the back story: James Franco played a character named Alien in Harmony Korine's film Spring Breakers. Franco's appearance and mannerisms–the insane cornrows, outrageous outfits and quotable dialouge–were said to be inspired by the Houston, Texas rapper. Riff Raff was honored. Later, the actor retracted his statement saying that he was actually inspired by a lesser known rapper named Dangeruss.

Knowing very well that Franco frequently co-stars alongside his real-life mom on daytime soap General Hospital, Riff Raff took an opportunity to 'retaliate' by making a cameo appearance as a character named 'James Franko' on One Life To Live.

We realize that most of you don't care about this and the 'fued' is totally ridiculous. But, it's kind of fun to watch this all go down. You have to start to wonder if it's just these two working together on one big performance art piece. Franco's guest stints on Hospital had people initially scratching their heads, but really it's all part of the enigma that he is. These two are weird, quirky and willing to get a rise out of the public however they can.

Riff Raff, in his own way, is also a mystery. After appearing on MTV's 2008 reality show From G's To Gents, he seemed to have passed his fifteen minutes of fame. Until he resurfaced as a rapper–arguably not a great one–and was signed to Diplo's label Mad Decent. He's also slated to play this year's Mad Decent Block Party on July 27th.