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Wicked Words on Cheating, Texting and Jay-Z Concert Watching

We don't mean to be pushing wickedness. But we've been inundated today with tidbits about cheating on your hubby, illegally texting in the car and how to check out, for free, the just announced Jay-Z/Budweiser Music Festival hitting Philly this Labor Day weekend.

We don't mean to be pushing wickedness. But we've been inundated  today with tidbits about cheating on your hubby, illegal texting in the car and a method for checking out, for free, the just announced Jay Z/Budweiser "Made in America" Music Festival hitting Philly this Labor Day weekend.

Hope You Did Her Proud:  Your wife and mother of your children, that is. Otherwise she may be opening up a nasty can of worms and deceit today. According to the adultery site, the day after Mother's Day is their second hottest for female sign-ups. "Mother's Day is a day of reflection for many women taking stock of what may or may not have transpired in the last year or their entire marriage," said CEO Noel Biderman. Only Valentine's Day scores higher in female enrollment.  And you thought flowers and candy were enough?

Accident Central: Texting while driving is an addiction almost as troublesome as smoking and even harder to steer teens away from. So suggests a new report from AT&T, delivered as we  approach the "100 deadliest days for teen drivers" -  the period between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

Despite persistent warnings and laws on the books in many states (including PA),  AT&T's latest survey found 43 percent of teens are still texting while driving, in large measure blaming their parents for setting poor examples.

The study also found peer pressure is a major factor in the dangerous practice. 89 percent of teens are expecting a response to their text within five minutes of delivery.

Other findings - teens text five times more per day than a typical adult, and drivers who text are 23 times more likely to be in an accident (or near miss) than those who shut the phone down or at least turn off the Pavlovian-response "incoming text" alert.

AT&T  reminds customers to activate the DriveMode App which puts out a customizable auto-reply message - telling  friends you're driving and will respond later.

Freebie Teaser?: Unlike the July 4th Celebrate America! birthday party on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway to be hosted again by The Roots, the Sept 1 - 2 "Budweiser Made in America" music festival happening at the same location and headlined by Jay Z will be a ticketed event.  And it's looking like your best deal going in will be an early bird special  $99 (plus service charges) two day ticket on sale Tuesday, May 22. Or is it? Scanning down to the very bottom of today's event announcement, we discovered that Budweiser has plans to offer "live-streaming" of the festival  "for consumers around the country." Of course the webcast version can't possibly offer all 30 "blockbuster" acts (spanning genres from rock to rap to dance) that will be performing on three stages. But the odds are very good that the streaming show will be free.