I want to get you right to the clip – or in this case, clips – because in my estimation, this may be the funniest minute of TV in, I don't know, ever?

Quick set up. On 30 Rock, Jack (Alec Baldwin) has developed a line of couches to impress his corporate bosses at Kabletown (read, Comcast). That explains the first spot here using Stacy Keach in a commercial that may remind you (because it's supposed to) more than a little of Clint Eastwood's controversial Super Bowl ad for Chrysler.

Then it turns out, American workmanship is so bad, its manufacturing so shoddy, that the couches of Kouchtown torture their users. Hence the aggressive tone of the followup ad in which Keach actually…well, you'll see.

The third one, for Bazooka gum? I have no idea, but I sure am glad they shot it.

I think this is a keeper reel. What do you think?

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