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'Celebrity Apprentice': The end is near

A double elimination narrows the field to three

First a spot quiz. Which of the five finalists last night said this: "My hair looks so fierce. It's undeniable." (Answer below.)

On to the show. Your mission, celebrity apprenti, whether you choose to accept it or not, is to fashion a four page print ad for a hair dryer that will run in Elle magazine. Wait, this sounds a lot like that series The Pitch, that AMC carpetbombs us with promos of on Sunday nights during The Killing and Mad Men.

Anyway, that's the challenge as Teresa, Arsenio and Aubrey take on Clay and Lisa. Meet the principals.

The woman cautioning against vulgarity was Robbie Myers, Elle's editor-in-chief. The creepy little guy was Farouk Shami, who runs Chi, the company manufacturing the dryer. I can't tell if he's really smitten with Aubrey or if he just wants to accessorize his red boots.

Spoiler warning. Go no further if you don't want to be informed of results.

Anyway it was a tough week for Teresa from the work point of view. Even tougher from a personnel aspect. She got outflanked by Lisa, overpowered by Aubrey and ambushed by Arsenio, leaving her very vulnerable in this boardroom session.

Afterwards last season's top two finishers, John Rich and Marlee Matlin interrogated the remaining four and did the audience a favor by drawing a red line through Lisa Lampanelli's name. But for being too emotional? That's like firing Ray Lewis for being too gentle.

Just as Trump was about to lower the boom on one more (hey, he was in a firing mood), we got a "To Be Continued" graphic.

So what is your opinion? Who makes it to the finals? In my opinion Clay is a lock. The guy has a scary psycho side but it never got exposed. So who joins him: Arsenio or Aubrey? Or are they in and Clay out?

The opening quote of course was Clay's. Just kidding, it belonged to Aubrey.

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