Sunday's surprising Oscarcast was one of the least painful in recent memory, and here are five ways it could be as good, or even better, next year without that entertaining whoops at the end:

  1. Keep Jimmy Kimmel, but lose some of the Jimmy Kimmel Live! branding. His celebrated faux-feud with Matt Damon is funny — to a point — on his show, but many more people watch the Oscars than ABC's late night, and they don't know why they're watching Kimmel watch We Bought a Zoo at 11:28 p.m. when there are still major awards to be handed out. "Mean Tweets" is a funnier bit, but again, time's a-wasting.
  2. Stop feeding the actors. Yes, they've starved themselves for weeks to get into those clothes, but there'll be food at the after-parties. Ever since Ellen DeGeneres brought in pizza, hosts have been trying to top her. Enough already.
  3. Start the show at 8 p.m., not 8:30. An hour's more than enough for ABC branding on the red carpet, and even Good Morning America's Robin Roberts isn't good enough to make this annual exercise in cringe-worthy interviewing watchable. We want to see the dresses, we want to see whose plus-one's their mom — Lin-Manuel Miranda's mother should be invited every year, whether he is or not — and we want some hope of getting to bed by midnight.
  4. If the host isn't a song and dance man (or woman), don't expect them to be. Justin Timberlake's opening brought a nice energy into the room, and took less time than some of the previous overproduced medleys.
  5. Consider not trolling, or even mentioning the name of, the president of the United States. He'd hate that.