Not for health reasons. Not for another network. Legendary news personality Barbara Walters, 83, announced Monday that she is retiring in 2014 - because it's time to close the door on her journalism career.

Walters' eyes flooded with tears as she officially shared the news on ABC's The View. New York City's Mayor Michael Bloomberg and top network executives were present in the studios when Walters announced her departure. "In the summer of 2014, a year from now, I plan on retiring from appearing on television," she said. The announcement followed a piece that traced her illustrious television news career, which began in 1961. Walters later became the first female co-host of the "Today" show in 1971.

In a piece published Monday in the New York Times, Walters dispelled all other rumors surrounding her retirement: "I don't want to do any more interviews. I don't want to do any other programs. I'm not joining CNN. This is it."