"This is the Super Bowl. I have to treat this like the biggest game of my career," Dorenbos said in the opening vignette shot in the Eagles locker room.

"Magic saved my life. ... [Magic] taught me don't hate, don't blame, forgive," Dorenbos said.

The judges were happy with Dorenbos' close-up magic-card trick. Heidi Klum proved to be an apparent Eagles fan by saying, "Go Birds."

"You talk the talk, you walk the walk ... I think you're someone who we'd be proud to say is the winner of America's Got Talent," said the notoriously tough Simon Cowell, whose son Dorenbos name-checked during his segment by making his name, Eric, appear on a previously blank chalkboard.

"I want to share the magic with the world," Dorenbos said as host Nick Cannon shuffled him off the stage.

The winner of America's Got Talent, which comes with $1 million and chance to headline a show on the Vegas strip, will be announced on Wednesday with the finale starting at 8 p.m. Check out Dorenbos' competition.