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‘Game of Thrones’ recap: No one is safe

All the various stories come to a head

The episode was entitled "A Man Without Honor" a description which clearly belongs to Jaime Lannister. But by the end of this hour, Jaime wasn't the only character facing death, nor the only one without honor.

In one of Game of Thrones's most riveting episodes there was death and danger on every front. This recap from HBO will catch you up with some of plots.

Jaime in a despicable ploy more suited to Hannibal Lector uses a young relative who idolizes him as bait to escape, coldly killing the boy and a jailer, in the effort. He is eventually recaptured and brought back to camp but seems to be courting death with his insults to Lady Stark. And she seemed ready to grant it, asking for a sword.

I'm surprised he is still known as "Kingslayer" given how open and boastful he has become about his relationship with his sister Cersei.

Cersei herself seems at wits end with Joffrey. She gives some very dark advice to Sansa on the occasion of her first menses.

Sansa's sister Arya is playing a very dangerous game indeed with Tywin Lannister. She may well, as he accuses her, be "too clever for her own good."

But more and darker trouble was brewing. Dany was desperate to recover her stolen dragons but suddenly found herself in the middle of a brutal power play in Quarth, as Xaro with the help of that really creepy blue-lipped sorcerer assassinated the city's other oligarchs. You want your dragons? Come on by the House of the Undying. Breakfast served all day.

Jon Snow, after being driven nearly mad by the saucy talk of his "prisoner" Ygritte suddenly finds himself alone and severely outnumbered on the frozen tundra by Ygritte's Wilding clansmen.

And Theon has been desperately hunting Bran and Rickon, trying to earn respect through cruelty. At the very end of the episode, he hoists up two small charred corpses in the yard in Winterfell. Could it be? Are there no limits to what a man without honor will do?

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