Garry Marshall, the director/producer who created such indelible characters as the Fonz and made Julia Roberts a star, once set a sitcom in Philadelphia.

Marshall passed away Tuesday at the age of 81.

The show was called Angie and ran 36 episodes from 1979-1980 on ABC.

Angie starred Saturday Night Fever's Donna Pescow (for millenials, she played the mother in Shia LaBeouf-starring vehicle Even Stevens) as a South Philly waitress who falls in love with Brad, a blue blood doctor from the Main Line, played by Robert Hayes (aka Ted Striker in Airplane!).  Everybody Loves Raymond's Doris Roberts and Debralee Scott costarred.

Most of the show was shot in Los Angeles, but exterior shots (and the opening titles) were shot in Philadelphia.

In 1979, the Daily News' Jim O'Brien wrote about Angie:

Midway through the first episode of "Angie," the new series about a South Philadelphia waitress and a Rittenhouse Square pediatrician, there is quick shot of what is supposed to be the narrow, row house street where "Angie" lives.

Right off you know it's a fake. There's a parking space in front of one of the houses. What's worse, there's no milk crate in the middle of it to save the space.

The humor in " Angie" may be better than that observation, but not much. However, as a matter of parochial pride if nothing else I'm hoping that "Angie" could be one of those rare TV series that will improve after an uncertain start in its debut tonight at 8:30 on Channel 6.

The show's first season was a huge hit, thanks to a lead-in from another Marshall production: Mork & Mindy. But the show tanked in its second season after Angie married Brad in the season premiere.