Over the weekend HBO gave early renewals to its two new Sunday night comedies, Veep with Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Girls, with Lena Dunham, granting them both ten episode runs next year.

Then the shows promptly went out and proved themselves worthy of such confidence by..oops, hold on. Veep actually dropped a sizable 17% in its second week (ouch!) to 1.1 million. Whoa, now we're down around the numbers for Luck, the horse-track drama that HBO was desperate to send to the glue factory.

Girls, a rather polarizing comedy about 20something galpals in New York, has at least been getting a lot of buzz – even if not all of it is complimentary. But the show is maintaining so far in three outings, with 816,000 watching its scheduled showing Sunday night.

The good news for HBO was Game of Thrones which saw a robust 3.9 million audience on Sunday night.

I found the episode a little disturbing. How could that evil smoke monster kill Renly? I thought he was protected because he had Bullwinkle on his standards. Look at them closely in this scene. Nothing up my sleeve.

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