You say you can't get enough of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, the bizarre, exploitive and sad look inside the Lil Abner lifestyle of America's most famous bumptious, belly-baring 7-year-old beauty contestant?

Then you better watch tonight, honey child, when TLC puts on the last new episode for a while (10 p.m.). Should be a good 'un as Alana's sister Chickadee goes into labor. I don't want to give nothing away but the delivery room has its hands full.

Don't start frettin' yet. TLC announced today that they have already ordered up a whole new passel of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo episodes, including three special holiday installments for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Try and wrap your mind around that concept for a minute. Boggles the mind, don't it? The sheer possibilities of June and her gals in full holiday mode. How do you celebrate Halloween, when every day looks like Trick or Treat?

And what's on the table for Thanksgiving? Roadkill tartare? You know that upsets Hoeny Boo Boo's tummy. Fry that up, Mama.

Chritsmastime, who you think is going to be in that manger? Ain't no sign of them wise men, no siree.

By the way, the show is calling these three episodes Holladay Specials. Snort, giggle, snort.

Now cut that out. You're gonna make Mama sneeze. Not that that's hard to do. Take a gander.

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