Everyone alright? Good. We made it through hell week on American Idol with minimal damage.

But last night was the type of elimination show that really tries fans' souls. The filler they are using this season on Idol – Tommy Hilfiger traps the kids in his creepy wardrobe? – has been particularly toxic. Last night there was that massive blowout tribute to prog rock joined at the end by the actual members of Queen who had the bad taste to survive the '80s. Then the junket to the TMZ office/studio/bilge pump.

But Idol was just warming up. They brought out some creature who was apparently drawn by Maurice Sendak – wait, that was Casey Abrams? – to introduce last year's 7th place finisher, Stefano Langone. Wait, it's just Stefano now? Anyway, he sang his new single. Wait, what was his old single?

By the time Katy Perry descended from the rafters, the viewing audience had gone into a kind of pop-junk overdose.

Meanwhile, a curiously revived Ryan Seacrest (I don't believe the rumors of him feeding off the kids in the mosh pit, do you?) set up our Bottom three: Elise, Hollie, and Skylar.

OK, not the way I drew it up yesterday but I did correctly predict the loser. Not for nothing, but she may have shown the least grace in losing of any Idol reject I can remember.

Here is her Led swan song. She even enlisted Steven Tyler to rattle his old bones.

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