You expect scabrous humor when Comedy Central mounts one of its roasts. The idea after all is to take a controversial celebrity and have a gauntlet of comedians and performers savage her or him. Past honorees have included Charlie Sheen, Flavor Flav, Donald Trump and Pamela Anderson.

But it was clear that the Roast of Roseanne which was taped over the weekend in Hollywood, was going to be a little nastier, cruder and more offense than usual -- even before the first insult was launched.

Comic Jeffrey Ross, who is a regular at these affairs, arrived at the Palladium and strutted the red carpet dressed as the late Joe Paterno: the chinos, the blue windbreaker emblazoned with a "P", a whistle and flanked by …gulp, two young men wearing only white Happy Valley helmets and towels. Yeah, he went there.

We'll have to wait until next Sunday night (August 12) to see how that played out. But the rest of the roster sounds promising, including roastmaster Jane Lynch. Roseanne's sitcom kids were there, all grown up now. And a certain ex-husband with whom Roseanne has had a contentious history, to put it kindly.

Other attendees: Seth Green Katey Sagal, Carrie Fisher and Ellen Barkin (a last minute fill-in for no-show Sharon Stone).

We'd love to share some of their gags with you, but it would burn our fingers to type them. Like Roseanne's rendition of "The Star Spangled Banner", you'll have hear it for yourself.

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