As it turns out, the story of Twitter won't be told in 140 characters or less. Instead, it's going to take at least a full run of a television series based off Nick Bilton's hit book, Hatching Twitter.

Hilton, a New York Times reporter and columnist, will head up writing the script and will also serve as a producer for the series.  The tale, as with most things in Silicon Valley, is one of intrigue, betrayal, power struggles, and human relationships—so, basically it has all the elements of a great drama. The question is whether they can come together in mid-2000s California.

Since its release earlier this year, Hatching Twitter has gone on to be named as one of the best books of the year by Gizmodo, The Economist, Mashable, and others, which explains the draw to adapt it to a TV show. But that, says Lionsgate TV chairman Kevin Biggs, isn't why his company is interested in the project:

"Twitter has transformed almost every aspect of our lives from politics to business to friendship, and I can't think of a more compelling story to adapt for television right now. Nick's book has all the elements of a great drama with its complex characters, high-stakes power struggles and betrayed friendships, and we're extremely fortunate to have Alli Shearmur onboard as executive producer." 

Lionsgate TV is also behind shows like Orange Is the New Black, Mad Men, and Nurse Jackie, among others, so a similarly dramatic tone—thing The Social Network. Though, perhaps a bit abbreviated, as we're talking about Twitter, after all.

But, if anything, at least the social media buzz around the project is guaranteed.

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