It's been a while since we've seen Good Day Philadelphia cohost Mike Jerrick on air at Fox 29, leading some folks to wonder: Did Jerrick get suspended again?

Well, rest easy, dear viewer — Jerrick didn't give himself the temporary boot with another on-air expletive or request to see Sue Serio's chest. Instead, Jerrick has apparently taken some time off to "deal with a personal family issue," according to cohost Alex Holley, and will return "in a few weeks," Jerrick said on social media.

Rumblings about Jerrick's absence from Fox 29 during weekday mornings began around Feb. 16, when fans started tweeting at Fox 29 personalities about his absence. Holley began fielding some of those questions shortly after, telling fans that Jerrick is handling a personal issue:

Jerrick himself also said on Twitter that he would be absent from Fox 29 due to a personal issue. He told one fan last week that he expects his stint off from the show to last "a few weeks":

The Fox 29 cohost was suspended in January after using an expletive to describe White House counselor Kellyanne Conway's penchant for word salad. His suspension lasted a week, with Jerrick returning to the airwaves later in the month to apologize to viewers and ask weatherperson Sue Serio to flash viewers as a distraction from his flub.

"This show is different than every other show, and I like to take all of our subject matter right up to the line," Jerrick said at the time. "Last Tuesday, I went over the line. I used a word you can't say on TV."

"Do something so inappropriate to get me off the hook," Jerrick added, talking to Serio. "Flash us right now."

The exact date of Jerrick's return to Fox 29 this time around is unclear. A spokesperson at Fox has not yet responded to request for comment.