It hasn't been long since we saw him appear on SNL, but Louis CK is set to return into America's comedy consciousness on May 5, when season four of his hit Louie debuts. The show hasn't aired since 2012, but judging by its new trailer, this season of Louie isn't going to be any less dark.

Many of the early promos for Louie's fourth season have opted to not show the comedian's face—a trend broken with the latest, titled "Head Over Heels." In this spot, Doris Day's "Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps" flows in the background while Louis prepares himself for an imminent swan dive off the Brooklyn bridge.

It's about as surreal as a promo can get, with the CK holding a bouquet of roses that diminishes down to one lone, beat up flower once he emerges from the water below. Given that type of tone—and the fairly direct grappling with suicide—it's pretty clear that this season should be one that's different, even for Louis.

Even the schedule is different, with FX running two new episodes of Louie a week for seven weeks straight. Apparently, the internet's favorite comedian has a lot to say this time around. Of course, we will listen—beginning promptly on May 5, darkness notwithstanding.