Philadelphians weren't the only folks to be delighted when 6ABC's Jim Gardner interrupted meteorologist Cecily Tynan's forecast to find a lost earring this week.

Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest were pretty big fans of the moment, too.

Ripa, a South Jersey native who 6ABC says grew up watching the station, shared the clip with Seacrest on Live with Kelly and Ryan on Wednesday, calling Gardner "royalty."

"I've always loved him, but that makes me love him even more," Ripa said.

"Did he realize he was in the shot?," Seacrest asked.

"I don't think he cared," Ripa responded.

Seacrest also weighed in on viewers' relationship with local news anchors, saying that everyone grew up with someone like Gardner.

"There's always that person that's on the news where you grow up that when you were a kid and your parents left you with the babysitter," Seacrest said, "you turned that station on to feel safe from anyone breaking in."

“She’s amazing, too,” Ripa said of Tynan. “She runs marathons and stuff. They’re incredible. I love that whole group over there.”

For the uninitiated, Gardner on Monday interrupted Tynan's weather forecast to find an earring of her's that had fallen out during her stand-up. After all, after 40 years on the air at the network, Gardner is pretty comfortable in front of the cameras.

"I hope I didn't lose that," Tynan said. "I really like that earring."

Turns out she didn't, though, thanks to eagle-eyed Gardner, who appeared in the background of the forecast, hunched over and searching. He quickly found Tynan's lost earring.

"He's just a team player," Tynan said on-air of Gardner. "That's like my favorite moment ever on Action News."

Now that was funny! 😂

Posted by Frankie Tommy DeVito on Monday, May 22, 2017