As you may have read, I think The Social Network is a near-perfect movie. Dissenting opinions abound, not only from contrarian Armond White, but also from female observers made uncomfortable by the film's marginalization of women, a view forwarded by Rebecca Davis O'Brien in The Daily Beast about the movie which, to her mind, has female props rather than characters.

I'd answer along the lines of Allison Willmore who writes, "Does 'The Social Network' have a problem with women? No, but it's characters sure do." This is a movie that portrays Facebook founders Mark Zuckerberg and Eduardo Saverin as socially-inept dorm hermits who have trouble getting dates. And despite its picture of the female groupies drawn to Harvard guys, it also gives us three hyperarticulate women, including Erica Albrecht (Rooney Mara), the girl who dumped Mark Zuckerberg for condescending to her, and the female lawyers, one representing Zuckerberg (Rashida Jones) and the other representing Saverin.

In other Social Network news, reportedly Zuckerberg and his 1200 employees have seen the movie.

Does the film's representation of women give you pause? Consider this an open thread to talk about your reactions to the movie.