Hot chefs cooking out of a food cart?

That's the deal at The Garage (1231 E. Passyunk Ave., across from Pat's and Geno's) , which has set its initial schedule of chefs who will work out of the regulation food cart housed near the bar.

All start at 6 p.m. and stay open till food runs out.

Friday 2/7 – Poi Dog Philly – Truck

-Kare Kare - Filipino peanut and beef stew

-Kalua Pork Tacos - smoky Hawaiian style pulled pork, pineapple habanero salsa

-Chicken Adobo Tamal -traditional Mexican corn tamal, Filipino chicken adobo, crema, pickled radish

-Musubis - Sweets

-Kona Coffee Mochi

-Pineapple Bibingka with Guava Caramel

Saturday 2/8 – Whirly Pig – Truck

-Famous Pork Belly Sandwiches

Sunday 2/9 – Trevor Budny – Avance – Kegs and Eggs – Starts at 1:00

-Carolina Gold Rice Grits cooked in Bacon Dashi, Bacon and Poached eggs, Trevors famous hot sauce

Monday 2/10 – Taco Rechoncho with Sean Magee and Josh Mccullough – TIME –

-Tacos Americana, hard shell, chicken, pork and veg…Awesome Dudes Printing is doing T shirts for this

Tuesday 2/11 – Chris Paul – Green Carts (TIME ALUM) –

-Grilled Hanger Skewers w/ Kabocha Squash & Red Wine Reduction

-Thyme Marinated Chicken Skewers w/ Sweet Potatoes & Bourbon BBQ

-Chocolate Dipped Apples, w/ Spiced Sunflower Seeds

Wednesday 2/12– dark

Thursday 2/13 – Mike Street Food- Truck

- Monthly - featuring things like local dry aged beef burger, pork belly bahn mi, short rib sandwich, home made chorizo burrito…and more. The other day he did Banh Mi Burger with pâté, house-made smoked lemongrass bacon, fried egg, cucumber, jalapeño, & cilantro

Friday 2/14 – TBD

Saturday 2/15 – Jen Zavala - Cherry Bomb Bus

She's still working out her menu