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Court today for Drexel Hill woman charged with killing infant

Inquirer staff writer Mari Schaefer reports:

Mia Sardella, the young Drexel Hill woman accused of killing her newborn baby boy and stashing the corpse in her car trunk, is in court today for a hearing. A plea is expected in the case.

On Jan 22, 2007 Sardella's mother found the deceased infant inside a pink duffel bag. Sardella has been under house arrest since her arrest. She is charged with third degree murder in the case.

Sardella is the granddaughter of Albert E, Piscopo, chief executive of the Glenmede Trust Co., an investment firm that manages the assets of the Pew Charitable Trusts and other wealthy charities.

Sardella was home on break from her freshman year at Drexel University and alone in her room when she gave birth. Her grandfather testified at a preliminary hearing she did not recall giving birth but recalled wrapping the dead infant in a blanket. Investigators could not find anyone who knew Sardella was pregnant.

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