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FBI informant back on stand in Fort Dix trial

Inquirer staff writer Troy Graham reports:

Following two days of often combative questioning last week, the defense attorneys in the Fort Dix case plan today to continue their cross-examination of FBI informant Besnik Bakalli.

Bakalli repeatedly grew irritated with the defense attorneys last week when they would not allow him to provide longer answers to questions about recordings he made of the defendants, primarily the three Duka brothers, Dritan, Eljvir and Shain.

"Can I explain," he said on several occasions, only to be cut off by the defense.

All five defendants are accused of plotting an armed attack on Fort Dix in the name of jihad.

The defense also has challenged Bakalli on his past, which includes twice entering the U.S. illegally, and once returning to his native Albania to shoot a man in a "blood feud" with another family. He was convicted in absentia in Albania for a gun crime, but not for the shooting, which he said was resolved between the families with the help of town elders – a traditional resolution in his country.

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